Emerging LA-based artist, Laela, was born into a Brazilian-mix family of singers, musicians, poets and dancers. She is fourth generation of the Scottish clan, Duncan, and was reared in a simple town on the island of Oahu Hawaii.
In January 2017, she was invited by an international New York-based gallery, Conception Global Art Collective, to participate in one of their nationwide juried fine art and photography exhibition in Los Angeles.  And, was invited back in their upcoming Spring Exhibition back in LA. 
"Drawing was my first artistic love."
Although drawing came natural to Laela, she had always longed to put more life and add color, depth and feelings in to her creations. Mostly self-taught, she then completed several hours of basic oil and pastel painting lessons (with a hint of chiaroscuro) from an LA-based international visual artist and art teacher, Vibul Wonprasat. 
"I paint who and what touches my heart"

Among others, people, inspire Laela the most.  Their joy, sadness, sensuality  and all other things that stimulate our every emotional experience.  She then transcends them in to viable forms capturing the essence of the mystery behind it all and build that elusive yet genuine human connection with one another, with a brush, some paint, a canvas, a little imagination and most of all, with lots of Love.