Laela was reared in an exotic island of Oahu Hawaii and is currently living and working in the inspiring city of Los Angeles in California.
"My inspiration comes from my love of people and nature.  I gravitate toward the positives (i.e. self discovery, mood management, love of family and so on). My work is personal. It is closely associated with my  observations, my own life experiences, aspirations and imaginations.  My hope is to inspire others and make a positive change in people's lives through my art."
She explored the art of oil painting early 2016 and completed many hours of basic oil and pastel painting lessons (with a hint of chiaroscuro) from an LA-based international visual artist and art teacher, Vibul Wonprasat. 
In January 2017, she was invited by an international New York-based gallery, Conception Global Art Collective, to participate in one of their nationwide juried fine art and photography exhibition in Los Angeles and was asked back in their spring exhibition.
"Drawing was my first artistic love."
In March, Laela was presented an opportunity to donate a themed-piece (which was very well received) for an organization dedicated to protecting endangered animals, Defending the Endangered, a cause she believes and supports.
Her latest work were in International (Russian and Turkish) Festivals in Southern California last May 2017.
Laela is a member of the Los Angeles Art Association (LAAA).